Asset Management Services
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Asset Management Services

Asset Management Services – Golf Courses


In order to provide a platform to assist debt and equity investors in the golf industry, Pinnacle Golf Properties has launched our Asset Management Services Program. We are now facing uncertain times with respect to investments in the golf course industry. Not only are valuations in question, but liabilities of all types are growing from the continued downturn in activity. Owners are finding themselves in danger of having to write down their investments or release them due to additional equity requirements. Residents are facing significant stress from course closings adjoining their property.


Pinnacle Golf Properties has assembled a team of industry professionals who have a proven track record for stabilizing and protecting golf course assets. As many creditors are facing major decisions regarding golf assets and the future, our company is well positioned to assist lenders in analyzing your asset, drafting a plan of action and managing the direction during the interim.


Pinnacle Golf Properties is your reliable source to help guide you through this difficult process. We have the knowledge and proven experience required to develop and implement successful resolution strategies in today’s challenging environment.


Our services include:


– Asset Analysis and Due Diligence
– Act as a Court Appointed Receiver
– Provide Day-to-Day Management
– Liaison for Disposal of Property at the Most Appropriate and Opportune Time


The Pinnacle Team has substantial interest in creating mutually beneficial relationships utilizing our extensive and unique brand of expertise. Please contact us so we may together explore all sophisticated elements specific to this industry to benefit your needs.


We would be delighted to arrange a visit and are confident it will be thought provoking, informative and worthwhile.



Pinnacle Golf Properties
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Kim Worrel, PGA
Managing Partner, Chief Operating Officer
704.837.0829 – Direct
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David D. Taylor
Managing Partner, President
704.837.0396 – Direct
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David Lankford
Chief Financial Officer
Management Division
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Roger A. Wolfe, CCM
COO / Chief Financial Officer
Financial Services Division
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