Semi-Private Club Optimization
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Semi-Private Club Optimization

Semi-Private Club Optimzation


The Pinnacle Team is committed to creating mutually beneficial partnerships, with the goal of optimizing the core products and resources of the Club. By utilizing our extensive and unique brand of expertise, we provide Ownership Groups with sound information to establish a path to long-term financial and service-oriented success. Realistic projections, honest opinions and a true passion for the business of golf are the essence of our commitment.




A high-end semi-private/daily fee course situated in the Charlotte-Metro area was in need of more efficient and effective management and accounting functions to eliminate negative variances to budget and inconsistent cash flow. Additional needs identified included comprehensive review of financial statements and balance sheets; streamlining of inventory, AP and payroll processes; AR and membership reconciliation.




• Realignment of Resources
– Provided symbiosis of management to ownership by utilizing current leadership team without adding highly paid positions of GM and Controller
– Elevated levels of communication (internally and externally), providing Real-time Reporting Matrix which allows Owner to quickly analyze results
– Provided Centralized Accounting systems and support via our experienced team for more efficient and improved processes of daily/monthly/annual functions
– Total savings of $150,000 in payroll/taxes/benefits


• “3rd Party CFO” Review and Reporting
– Unbiased, experienced accounting eliminated need for expensive, time-consuming annual audit and depreciation schedules
– Stabilized cash flow and provided comprehensive budgeting and forecasting
– Savings of $9,000


• “Pinnacle Purchase Power”
– Club now participates in PGP national account pricing with major industry vendors, including complimentary enrollment in VGM purchasing program
o Savings of $20,000 on new cart lease, agronomy equipment and COGS purchases


• HR Compliance/Comprehensive Payroll Processing
– Eliminated need for outside payroll processing company and provide compliance with local and national regulations
– Savings of $7,000